Thursday 13 August 2015

#RPGaDay2015 - Day 13, Favourite RPG Podcast

I don't currently listen to podcasts, but I've recently ended up with a car (looking after younger sibling's whilst she lives abroad for a few years) so my commute is about to change from reading a book on a train to driving to build experience and confidence. My other younger sibling listens to podcasts when he drives, and when I've borrowed his car I've found them to be pleasant rather than distracting as I'd anticipated - so I'm going to cheat here and ask for recommendations!

There are a couple of Blood Bowl podcasts I'll be downloading - Three Die Block and Double Skulls - but I would like some roleplay-based recommendations. My journey is likely to be about 30min, as a guide for length of show. Presenters of both Blood Bowl shows have given me dice, if you fancy giving me a bribe incentive to pick your favourite as mine ;-)

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