Monday 10 August 2015

#RPGaDay2015 - Day 10, Favourite RPG Publisher

.... I don't have one; I don't really pay enough attention to that sort of thing!

I'm excited by what Paizo's done with Pathfinder; I find it a lot more fluid than D&D 3.5, somehow. It's possibly just the group combined with the enthusiasm of my GM, though.

He creates such fantastic props

ShadowRun will always be special to me because it was the first deep game I played in and the background is fantastic, so Fasa Corporation need a mention.

Been thinking a lot about WFRP's recently (First Ed mostly, being the one I've played, but chatting with my brother about the differences in how magic is handled in Second Ed has me intrigued), but I don't have much time for GW since they cut support for their specialist games - the ones that still interested me - and particularly when they stopped letting the Blood Bowl championships be held at their HQ... but that's another gripe. Never mind.

But I think there is a winner. I love all the White Wolf games I've played so far: Aberrant, old Vampire, Werewolf and Hunter, and most recently Exalted. With Exalted, we've barely started but being familiar with the other systems helps keep things moving.

I love the way the mythologies have been built in the old WoD games. The reflection of many real world mythologies appeals to my inner mythology-geek - the part that grew up reading myths and folk and fairy tales from across the world (if mainly Europe). It's Werewolf, with the balance between Wyrm, Weaver and Wyld that falls into conflict, that most appeals to me. The animism intertwined with that also reflects faith systems I can relate to, building on the folk tales I absorbed.

The WoD games are, apparently, based on the emotional rollercoaster that is puberty: rage, numbness, feelings of disconnection and an inability to fit in. Like Buffy, then, it gives you monsters to fight to help you deal with such issues - useful to those of us who continued to suffer a lot of similar turmoil into our adulthood (yay Depression!) as well as for teenagers.

I've not played the new World of Darkness stuff yet - I was disappointed to hear certain favourite aspects had been removed - but I think I will try if I get a chance because I'm told it is very well done: similar depth, but a slightly more streamlined system - where you still get to roll great handfuls of dice.

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