Thursday 6 August 2015

#RPGaDay2015 - Day 6, Most Recent RPG Played

Pathfinder (Interlude). We're still on the Starstone Trial so I'm still not posting story, but we have done enough to achieve our first mythic tier. I've given Jvala the Champion class. I took the path ability of 1's not being an auto-fail on attack and have marked legendary item as a future ability to take. I was going to create a fantastic sword for this, but then Bells (who plays Tanna) pointed out that I have a set of treasure hunter's googles, a Herolab discovery that intrigued us all and it was generally agreed were definitely something the tomb-raiding Jvala would love. So now instead I'm thinking of ways to improve those. The standard goggles provide detect secret doors (at will), identify (3 per day) and locate object (once per day and limited to 100 or more coins in a small area). True sight seems like somewhere to start - combined up with her ifrit dark vision and her ranger trick low light vision, that would be very cool. She's a two-weapon fighter rather than ranged, so maybe some kind of focus that assists her favoured enemies in identifying weakness in opponents? Feels like bonuses should generally be sight-based, although they could scroll messages, like Google Glass... 

I should have plenty of time to think before I take the ability - look forward to your suggestions!

That was last Saturday and the Friday before was when I played the intro to Exalted I mentioned on Monday - a bit out of sync because Blood Bowl tournaments are messing up the usually meeting times for that group. On which note, I've got all my notes from Gert Bowl the weekend before to write up, and then I'm actually going to Thrud Ball this year so will need to write that up soon after... And I keep promising to catch up with Aberrant...

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