Tuesday 11 August 2015

#RPGaDay2015 - Day 11, Favourite RPG Writer

This year's RPGaDay is making me very aware of how little attention I pay to the individuals who put in so much effort to create the games I love... I don't know any names of any writers of RPG games or supplements I've played! That's a bit embarrassing...

But I have read a lot of roleplay fiction, predominantly for Ravenloft. One author stands out: P N Elrod. I, Strahd in particular is a wonderfully written gothic novel. You can see the path down which the tragic hero treads, and you cannot steer his steps away from the doom he brings on himself. Elrod writes with grace and empathy such that you cannot hate Strahd despite what he does. And you root for him as he tries to come to terms and make amends - as he tries to live with what he has created. I think that's part of the beauty, in fact: the character does terrible things and acknowledges them rather than seeking to hide behind petty justifications - there are petty justifications, but they are written such that the reader and character see them as hollow as they really are. Cleverly done.


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  1. I, Strahd is, possibly, may favourite novel based on a D&D game and definitely ranks in my all time top 5