Saturday 29 August 2015

#RPGaDay2015 - Day 29 - Favourite RPG Blog/Website

Having managed to get behind with my blog reading and just had an attempt to catch up, this has come at an opportune time.

Favourite RPG blog...

I read more RPG related blogs than any other type, which comes as a surprise to me, although it shouldn't. But which to pick as a favourite...

Autocratik definitely needs an honourable mention. I discovered his blog when he ran RPGaDay last year. Highlights include his prototype Harry Potter game and I know some of you will be intrigued by his Doctor Who commentary, but what I've particularly enjoyed has been the updates on the game he's working on. WILD ('Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming') sounds fantastic - I like what I've read of the background and really hope the novel is published to fill in more of the story. But I'm really intrigued by the use of cards as a method of resolution, rather than the more usual dice. So, Dave, if you read this: good luck. I want Wild to happen.

I also think you should check out Darkliquid and DruidX, friends of mine in the real world and a husband and wife roleplaying team. When they're playing in a game together, they each write from their character's perspective, which means you can read two sides of a story and that's a lot of fun. They're both avid readers and writers as well as players, and really lovely people to boot.

Whilst he's not updated for a while, my GM has his own blog where you can see another side to the stories I share here.

For my ultimate pick, though, I suggest you check out RPG Knights. The blog is primarily updated by Mark, but there are several other writers which leads to a good variety of styles and opinions. As someone who's very much a player rather than a GM, this (along with Autocratik) has given me a welcome insight to life the other side of the screen. Why else do I like the blog? It's friendly - you feel drawn in to the RPG Knights family. The game and game book reviews are entertaining as well as informative. Mark's running a Pathfinder game that's very different to the one I'm in - with a fantastic boat! As gamers, their enthusiasm is infectious and engaging. And it was thanks to their exciting competition I was introduced to Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, a game I really want to run.

Yeah, definitely worth checking out.


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    1. =D

      I really loved reading both sides of Daraja's tale.

  2. Thank you as well for the kind words! And thank you for taking part in RPGaDAY!

  3. Me again! I love this game ;D Thanks Fern!

    1. :-D I'm really pleased to have found your blog!