Sunday 30 August 2015

#RPGaDay2015 - Day 30, Favourite RPG Playing Celebrity

I want to pick Vin Diesel because it means I get to watch dancing baby Groot again.

Although my favourite scene of the film is this one:
He might be a tree, but Groot displays the most humanity in the film.

Vin Diesel comes across as an awesome guy, someone I'd love to play with (and, shallowly, he's really good looking and has such a sexy voice!), but I wanted to look a bit deeper than the 3 names that came to mind when I saw this topic (the others being Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton) so did a bit of googling. I was not surprised to see names I recognised from my musical tastes - Marilyn Manson, Tom Morello, Alice Cooper - because there does seem to be a large overlap in the Venn diagram of metalheads and roleplayers. And I've met Claudia Christian aka Commander Susan Ivanova of Babylon 5 at the only convention I've been to so I feel I need to give her a mention - although I didn't manage to get into the game she played in. I was taken by uni friends for my birthday and my other half - a massive B5 fan - was at home 200miles away and knew nothing about it until she borrowed my phone to ask where he was. I think I'd rather play with Tom Morello or Marilyn Manson, though. Or Vin Diesel.

But which celebrity would I most like to roleplay with? The authors Ursula K Le Guin and Patrick Rothfuss. They, with Terry Pratchett, make the trinity of authors I best adore. A game with them would create some incredible stories. Patrick Rothfuss definitely roleplays; a quick search doesn't reveal whether Ursula Le Guin does or ever has, but I suspect she'd be fantastic to play with - and wonderful to listen to.

Vin Diesel can join in too ;-)


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