Monday 22 August 2016

#RPGaDay2016 - Day 22: 'Random' event that keeps occurring

I think this is probably intended to be when you roll for random encounters and keep getting the same encounter, but that's not the way we play. But I can't very well dib out two days in a row, specially seeing as I only gave half my answer a few days ago (I meant to add Moss to the list of fictional people to join our game).

So instead, I'm going to tell you about burning poor quarters! 

It started in a game of WFRP, as I recall, in the midst of a fight going badly in a Thieves' Guild headquarters or something similar. A wooden building, anyway, in the middle of an area of town where the buildings were made of cheap wood and crowded too close together. To try and turn the fight in our favour or something, Rich kicked over the brazier in the corner of the room. Of the wooden building. We won the fight and legged it, to see flames escaping behind us, licking the frame. Licking the buildings beside and over the road and... to begin with, I at least, was having a bit of a 'cool guys don't look at explosions' moment until we realised that the entire frickin' poor quarter was going to burn down and actually kill most of the inhabitants... At least I think that was impressed on us. It's the kind of brutal realisation that GM was fond of giving us...

And then in Pathfinder I missed a week and came back to discover they - Alexei and Chester - had burnt down another poor quarter...

It was shortly after we'd been made barons by, at the time, Regent Noleski, and our party was on a diplomatic tour to introduce ourselves to the neighbouring nations. We justified my absence by saying Svetlana - and representatives of other new groups of barons - had stayed in New Stetvon to learn about baroning. The others went off to Mivon. Rich gave them a few throwaway details to add flavour to the city state, and they picked up on one of these and followed it, Rich making things up on the fly. They decided there was a vampire problem in they city, and they were the ones to solve it, so they tracked down where the suspected vampires were, found an alchemist to give them alchemist's fire, and bombed the place. Ezekiel (nearly as creepy as Alexei) warned them to use only a tiny drop, so of course they threw in the whole vial... and watched the poor quarter burn. As they like to say, "At least we killed some vampires!" (and behind them, Rich slowly shakes his head). And then Svetlana caught up with them in Pitax and genuinely believes it was coincidence they were in town at the same time - lucky coincidence, because they helped save so many lives!


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