Sunday 28 August 2016

#RPGaDay2016 - Day 28: Thing you'd be most surprised a friend hadn't seen/read

It's a long running joke in our group that Bells hasn't seen any films that don't have superheroes in them, so I'm no longer surprised when he hasn't seen something.

Other people, though... Labyrinth is the best film ever and I will jelly wrestle anyone who says otherwise (except my brother, cos that'd be a bit weird and I just have to accept he's wrong). It has some nice techniques for building a campaign, too: there's a motley assortment of main characters (Ludo is my favourite, though the one I'd be least likely to play); there's a good motivation for the plot; there's foreshadowing; there's a powerful end where at least two of the characters (Sarah and Hoggle) have grown and learnt about themselves. Oh, and puzzles and traps and dancing and bargaining and a little bit of fighting.

And the fireys. 

Books? Discworld. It's such a common feature of most bookshelves I see, it surprises me when people haven't read any. Similarly, if someone tells me they've never read anything by Ursula K LeGuin, I sit and blink: I grew up breathing her words.

And Swallows and Amazons... I've been craving re-reading those (Dad's keeping his eyes out for ours, but they may have been charity shopped already :-/) and it turns out surprisingly few of my friends have read them - and then a films come out!

Erm... I really ought to twist this back to roleplay but tired and should go to bed instead...



  1. I have not finished any Discworld books, although I have seen all the mini-series and animated versions. I don't know Swallows and Amazons, will go look it up right now.

    1. They're set in the Lake District in maybe the 50's, two groups of siblings with boats. If you ever read Famous Five and enjoyed, you may like these. I adored them as a kid and young teen

  2. I do like how the Goblin Lord in Shadows of the Demon Lord is a tribute to Labyrinth.

    The worm's speech is my favourite piece of GM utterance. Although since most people know I like it (especially the parting comment), I don't get to use it all that much.

    1. I've not played _Shadows of the Demon Lord_, but will keep an eye out.