Wednesday 3 August 2016

#RPGaDAY2016 - Day Three: Character moment you are proudest of

And the tough questions keep coming!

I'm proud of that time Kella kept her pregnancy a secret so as to make her inevitable death easier for everyone else to bear. It was gut-wrenching because I'm hugely broody and because I'm hugely afraid of being dead, but Kella was utterly at peace with the idea, knowing how important it was for the sake of her world. I could feel it so absolutely - it was an exciting experience.

Ooh, and that time Chrissie felt utterly betrayed by Steve. There have been some incredibly emotional moments in Aberrant - I've nearly cried many, many times and actually cried once or twice. 

Svetlana's marriage to Noleski is probably the one I talk about most often. She's a character I'm hugely drawn to, and this was the biggest (only?) storyline within our Pathfinder campaign that made her more than a supporting character, Husbit having a strong personality so tending to get more airtime (he's aware of this complaint and has reined it in with his pf interlude characters). The relationship was secret from the others until they actually got engaged, which surprised me: the relationship grew out of jokes Paul (Kieran's player) would make, and at one point we were sent orders to publicly execute a criminal (and make an example of it) - something Svetlana wasn't entirely comfortable with, which the other players knew. Still, I cocked my head, looked at the GM and said "You've seen Princess Bride, right?" He nodded, so I dictated the response "As you wish". And no one noticed!

The engagement is probably the particular moment I'm proudest of. Noleski sent the rest of the party away to join the party while he and Svetlana had to do some paperwork (cue nudge nudge, wink winks from Paul). We talked through the proposal while the others were so engrossed in roleplaying their way round the party they didn't notice and somehow still were surprised and suspected political motivation when we announced it!

For me, there's something very touching about her love for him, the way she tries to tame her chaotic, impulsive nature for him - the way she tries to put the kingdom before herself and her desires, that's led to her ending up in a hell-dimension far, far from him... 

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