Tuesday 23 August 2016

#RPGaDay2016 - Day 23: Best 'worst luck' story

On Day 16, I'd asked some friends for stories and two that I was saving for today: "Dddddrop the boat!" "Or dropped a feast".

Both are Svetlana stories. Both involve rolling 1's at inopportune moments. I think the first was a stealth check, and the second an attempt to fight...

Some cool loot had been received, including this awesome boat that folds up small enough to fit in a bag of holding but expands nig enough to be a nice yacht for a small party, or bigger to a full war ship sort of size. I am very proud of that boat. And then we had to go south to the border of our land where orcs were ganging up and causing trouble. 

So we were sneaking around these woods with orc raiding parties strewn throughout. And then the one came up. I tripped, fell, and the boat came tumbling out of the bag, expanding and landing on the orcs! So we had a big fight, but it ended ok. In fact, we ended up convincing a weedy orc scribe that he was chosen of his god (go Alexei's charisma and illusion-type skills) and that he should challenge the current leader - Alexei supported him with ranged healing so he won. And brought the orcs to peacefully join our new barony (I think Black Shark Enterprises would be pleased).

Then we got more loot, including a rather shiny rod that creates a pavilion filled with feasting tables and food. So of course, when we got involved in a fight soon after and I rolled a one, that landed. Again, it started out seeming bad, but ended up being helpful as we made better use of the cover than the opponents did.

A bit worried what will happen next time I roll a one, seeing as my latest acquisition of pride is a rod of wonder.

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