Friday 12 August 2016

#RPGaDAY2016 - Day Twelve: What game is your group most likely to play next? Why?

My next game is (unless anything dramatic comes up) Exalted, tomorrow, then Deadlands  next week.

As you've probably noticed, my groups tend to favour long campaigns, and having recently switched from Pathfinder to Deadlands, and before that from Aberrant to Exalted, it's unlikely that we'll be playing anything new for a while - especially as both Aberrant and Pathfinder have significant unfinished business. The Pathfinder/Deadlands group has talked a lot about Cyberpunk over the years, though, so if we do make a change, I'd expect it to be there.

I adore long campaigns, but part of me sometimes regrets that it does mean I play fewer systems and settings. Really and ideally, I'd have the time, energy and friends with time and energy to play more games so I could be in loads of long campaigns in loads of different settings.

There's a few games I've got that I'd like to play short sessions: Scavengers by Metal Weave Games, for instance. I don't back many kickstarters but I did back this one and the book is gorgeous. Seems straightforward enough, and I like the way it sounds all fun and greedy, but it can also be very, very dark. I've also got Abney Park's Airship Pirates that I really, really want to play
because AIRSHIP PIRATES!!! (Since a long ago WFRP game I've wanted to play a pirate queen. This has been vetoed as an inappropriate career path for Svetlana, so I like to imagine one of her daughters or grandaughters rebels and fakes her death so she can run away and be a pirate queen. Depending how the campaigns ends, I'd really like to write that story.) And then I got the Buffy rulebook for Christmas, and that's where it began for me so I'd love to revisit...

There's also other long-term campaigns I want. I've always wanted to play White Wolf's Changeling, and people were talking me around to wanting to play new Werewolf until I discovered they've got rid of the other Fera, when I really like all the changing breeds. But I'd love to play old Vampire or Werewolf again. Beyond that, I really want to play (or maybe even run) Lords of Gossamer and Shadow. I've had the books for a while now and they've given me ideas that are itching for exploration. I'm not sure how well diceless would go down with my group, but then, I don't need to tell them it's diceless 'til they're hooked, right? And Matt of No Games, No Glory runs a very well-reputed ShadowRun game, and I do miss the shadows...



  1. Nice array of games. I find I always have a negative reaction to the World of Darkness games. Probably because I bought a mate a heap of it so he would run a game and he never did. Probably should try to run a game myself sometime!

    1. I played in some fantastic World of Darkness games at uni, so I'm hugely biased. I have played in a Werewolf game back home, but the guy running it was more DM than Story Teller and seemed to just want to find ways to kill us off :/

    2. I did like the 1st edition Vampire but it soon degenerated into power gaming (as witness almost any Camarilla LARP), which wasn't of as much interest to me. Also admittedly maybe because the 1st edition Malkavians were my spiritual home. Although the newer editions seem to have reverted. But Wraith and Changeling definitely ended up being much better games.

      [If you doubt me check inside the 1st edition Players Guide.]

  2. I'm not sure if it's still live, but the recent HumbleBundle was a massive pile of Vampire stuff. (although I think it was the newer stuff rather than the old 90's ones) Something like $150 worth of books for about $30

  3. Cyperpunk wont happen until CP2077 is released.