Friday 5 August 2016

#RPGaDAY2016 - Day Five: What story does your group tell about your character?

I polled my usual group for this one and the responses were:
  • "Dddddrop the boat! :D"
  • "Oh wait, I forgot to turn off the blizzard"
  • "The times you've 'die hard'"
  • "Or dropped a feast"
  • "Or that time you died"
So that's reassuring.

Dropping the boat and feast are likely better coming up on Day 23.

'Die hard' is a reference to crawling around in lift shafts and air vents in numerous Aberrant games, most particularly the session we erupted. I want to write it up properly one day, because it was cool.

That time I died is recounted here - Svetlana spent several days catatonic after her resurrection: I was hoping they would do something sensible like, y'know, ask her what was wrong, or get a message to her husband so he'd talk to her, but instead they just ignored me. I probably should have spoken to the GM about having her husband contact her due to the unusual silence, but (not wanting to be a pest) let Svetlana gradually come round and assumed that Noleski had spoken to her 'offstage', and reassured her and that was what brought her round.

Svetlana's response was largely due to the fact I adore BtVS and was strongly affected by Buffy's resurrection at the start of season 6. For Svetlana, she'd been dead and in heaven and happy, and then was wrenched back not just to the real world, but to an area suffering a demon incursion. Not an easy place to be. But actually the bit she's struggling with the most is that her (human, so shorter lived) husband has a different god so will be going to a different heaven: when one of them dies, that's it. They won't be reunited. What scares her is knowing that that won't bother when she's in the Hunting Ground. She loves him so completely and so fiercely that she wants it to bother her. Instead, she wants to make the most of what little time (it feels) they'll have together, but obligations mean that time is even further reduced, and she's far, far from him. (I really want to get back to that game so we can travel through the coming heartache to reach the happy ending I'm promised they'll have.)

And the blizzard? In Aberrant, we (the NPC's who bulk out our team) were 'helping' Adam propose to his girlfriend. I'd recently acquired weather-control powers (my adoration of Storm had nothing to do with that. Honest. Chrissie's barely even heard of the X-Men) and it was Christmas, so we thought it would be really romantic for him to propose in a snowy LA. After a few attempts, I managed to get a nice, steady snow falling. Adam proposed (which apparently I never wrote up - or if I did, I forgot to add it to my Aberrant index page) when his dog, Robin, knocked over the Christmas tree on Rachel's instructions, revealing the ring Adam had bought and we'd hidden there. Sam accepted with great delight, and the rest of us returned to the UK.

A few weeks later, Chrissie caught the end of a news report on the 'continuing blizzard over Los Angeles". Her eyes widened as she remembered she'd forgotten to stop the snow... (I rolled a botch while building it, and the GM thought this was a more fun way of dealing with the failure.)

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