Thursday 4 August 2016

#RPGaDAY2016 - Day Four: Most impressive thing another's character did?

I like this question; I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's responses.

It's really hard to pick.

There's a particular scene from the end of the Werewolf: the Apocalypse game I played at uni that remains vividly in my mind. The two theurges (Mel's Black Fury and my Child of Gaia) were joining all the other theurges in some massive ritual to save the world, while all the other werewolves (and thanks to our efforts, all the other changing breeds) distracted the evil forces (both Wyrm and Weaver's, as I recall) on a battlefield. As we knew they were all going to die, the battle was handled cinematically and it was Boyd's Get of Fenris Ragabash's death that stays with me. He was lupus (wolf-born) and, for the most part, was hugely critical of anything made by man but did own an enormous bonded daiklave-type weapon (or possibly a lance or spear or something. Feckin' huge, anyway). He didn't use it often: our preferred pack tactic was to fight in hispo (direwolf) and mob an opponent, but for this fight he was in Crinos form. The battlefield was thick with fighting, when a great beast reared itself from the ground. The Get paused, swung his blade to behead and opponent, and ran towards the gaping maw of this dark creature. Ran its throat and planted the blade within. He died as the beast collapsed around him.

It was a powerful image for me, and a fitting end for him: the rest of the group had played various ancestors of their characters, and this mirrored how one of his had died - with the same blade.

Or what about the Initiativemobile(s)? Adam started creating these when the team were dropped into a warzone without their powers as a 'training exercise' - this was nominally to retrieve a particular nova, but (Chrissie and Adam suspect) really to build on their suspicions about Team Tomorrow and Project Utopia and to show them how strong they really are. Super tough speedfreaks that they are, they were finding it frustrating getting round Tblisi sans powers, so Adam (who'd been training as a mechanic and working as a getaway driver before erupting) started turning cars and vans into tanks, using whatever other cars, vans and shopfronts were lying around. This came in particularly useful when we went to help rescue a kidnapped girl. She was being held in a gated area surrounded by well-armed and well-trained KGB guards. So we set up for the Initiativemobile we were currently in (the mk2) to wait behind the compound as our getaway vehicle, while Adam built the mk3, including an inflatable raft, well-armoured sides and underneath, and huge suspension improvements. Adam's plan was simple and insane: we were going to drive off the top of the neighbouring multi-storey car park into the centre of the courtyard of our target building. The raft was to cushion those of us in the back of the van and allow us to slide out, guns blazing.

It was hilarious in its insanity and created an incredibly fun moment for us, that we still talk about.

Finally, Husbit's character death in Pathfinder Interlude was very cool. You can read it in his words here (second reply in the thread).


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