Thursday 14 May 2015

Musical A-Z - K

Killswitch Engage

This is another song that gets me singing along on the dancefloor. More fond memories of the club I worked in.


I loved Korn when I was a teenager, but listened to them again recently and was shocked how misogynistic some of the lyrics are! I like this, though - the juxtaposition of metal and nursery rhyme appeals.

K's Choice 

Back on F, I think I mentioned a wonderful mix-disc made by a friend. This was another song on it. Beautiful.

KT Tunstell

When I was at uni, I suffered quite badly from homesickness particularly in my first year, and Radio One felt like a bit of a lifeline in my tiny room. This song was one that really stands out from that year - it came on one day at just the right moment, turned an anxious and sad day into one full of sunshine and love.

Kylie Minogue

In one of those weird family rituals that no one is quite sure how it originated and no one outside the family can understand, we used to sing this as "I should be so lucky, with my rubber ducky, I should be so lucky luuckkkyyy" when we were out on day trips and wanted ice cream.

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