Friday 29 May 2015

Pathfinder Interlude - The Temple of Rovagug (Jvala's Journal)

Following on from Tanna's Journal covering the session I missed, we return to the remains of Rovagug's temple, as noted by Jvala. Short update because it was a combat heavy session :)

Flash and Cinder finally agreed to enter this creepy place and we joined the others as they reached another door - Zabeel opened it quickly and threw in on of his 'Ezekiel-enhanced' smoke bombs.V. effective: v. loud, lots of lightning. Tanna summoned fecking massive sentient earth - kobolds went 'squish'. There were some others in there, a dwarf and a guy with a snake's head.

Earth elementals v. good at fighting kobolds.

Found more of those ancient coins.

2 doors further down - library opposite room with water sound. Decided to fight library first - some magic-types in there. We made sure they knew they were dead.

Battle tired us enough others decided we should rest there - barricadable. Bad idea. Room creepy. Salvaged some books, charts, stuff like that. Sam was reading up on Baphomet's realm. Tanna found book on Sarkozia, before it was the World Wound. Says "the veil" there has always been particularly weak. Doesn't explain "veil". Says barbarians particularly revered "andocurava" - some kind of creature? Makes mention of Arodan's familiar Meioelvea - a "paradigm of the species".

The voices are louder here, more insidious. The others are making me sleep here with the undead bodies. Won't let me burn them - don't realise they could get back up. And many of these books... can't imagine Desnae would be happy with so much evil getting into the world. But they won't let me burn.  

Next ... morning? ... explored other room. Stumbled through door and landed in lake of blood. Blood like a fountain. A room filled with fountain. Person in the blood: black hair, black skin, unnatural glowing beauty. Blood poured down to form armour. Great axe strapped to back - pink crystal turned red as dipped in blood. Countered magic and fought well. Didn't feel like normal body - living or undead - when struck. Blood flowed from lake back up figure and knitted wounds. Eventually my sword struck something in the body - aimed and hit it again. Shattered like glass. Body exploded in shower of blood. No idea what that was - if in Pathfinder Archives, please advise.

*Having a friendly druid nearby is useful when you need showers.* 

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