Tuesday 26 May 2015

Musical A-Z - L

Less Than Jake
Summers as a teenager - I love their Grease covers, but this is the song with the most sunshine memories.
Letter to Cleo
10 Things I Hate About You is one of my favourite teen flicks, in part for it's superb soundtrack.
Limp Bizkit
I was tempted by Rollin' for the boyband-vibe of the song (complete with dance moves!), then wanted to use Break Stuff, because I've been feeling like that a bit recently, but went with this because about the time I was getting into Limp Bizkit, my little sister liked George Michael and for some reason (one of those that you probably need to be a teenager to comprehend) this version really wound her up. So being the good big sister I was, it got played a lot.
Lindsey Stirling (feat Lzzy Hale) 
Two artists beginning with L, both new to me (you can thank Icarus for this). Picked this video to showcase both and because it's so pretty! I love violin and Lindsey Stirling plays beautifully, and I love the power in Lzzy Hale's voice.

Linkin Park
This can go down as one of my all time favourite music videos, just for that moment at the end where, despite everything, she smiles. The whole video struck a chord with the angsty teenaged me, and that smile gave me optimism. Again, possibly one of those things you need to be a teenager to understand, but it mattered to me.
I'm not a fan of Eurovision - probably because my Dad found it irritating and such things tend to rub off. So I was excited when I heard Lordi were playing, and even more pleased when they won - even if the song isn't (in my opinion) as good as the rest of their stuff.
Because she has such a wonderful voice.