Monday 24 August 2015

#RPGaDay2015 - Day 24, Favourite House Rule

I've got a few options here.

I like a rule widely spread in its many variations: GM bribery. When everything's about to go wrong, a well-timed cup of tea can produce a lifeline. One group of friends even had a specific sacrifice bowl for food-type offerings to be placed in! I also like the trading of more artistic gifts for xp or similar: a good backstory should be rewarded with in-game development, but a poem or drawing might be worth a fate chip or point of xp.

One Vampire game, I got credit for the travesty I made of The Beatles Yesterday:
Diablerie! I loved the taste of mortal prey, now I crave vampire vitae, oh I believe in Diablerie
Suddenly, I’m not half the gen I used to be, long dead bodies taste so good to me, oh Diablerie! So loverly!
Why I love it so I don’t know, I couldn’t say. I loved blood to drink now I think of Diablerie
Diablerie! Blood was such a vital part of me, now vampire souls are what I find tasty oh I believe in Diablerie.
 Still makes me chuckle.

Another House Rule I like is one from our Aberrant game: "mischief" dice. Our Aberrant team has developed a habit of dealing with stress through practical jokes. When undertaking such an endeavour, both the joker and the butt get to roll and extra die to carry out or protect against the mischief (for some reason, usually an orange D10). A success on the joker's die adds to their success pool, 10's exploding, and a 1 on either die leads to interesting events.One NPC, Rachel 'Overwatch' Tower, actually gets to roll 2 extra dice, because she's so good at trouble-making. When the character left on a mysterious sabbatical, the amount of mischief dropped, even though we the players had previously been responsible for a fair chunk. I guess none of the characters have felt as much like mischief with her missing.



  1. I think John Lennon and George Harrison just rolled over in their graves!

    1. Hehehe - it's even worse when I attempt to sing it!