Sunday 9 August 2015

#RPGaDay2015 - Day 9, Favourite media you wish was an RPG ~UPDATED~

It might seem strange, but I found this really, really hard! A lot of my most beloved things that I want to play are already available in roleplay form (Buffy, Firefly) and others are easily adaptable from existing games (The Invisible Library would work well in lords of Gossamer and Shadows, and Supernatural is basically just Hunter...), and others - well, I have some very imaginative friends who are prepared to spend a lot of time developing and play-testing homebrew systems to run Final Fantasy X and Star Trek in tabletop roleplay forms.

Oh, but there is one game...

I'm not massively into MMORPG's, but there was one and it was beautiful and I miss it. City of Heroes/Villians (CoX) was a superhero game released in 2004. I first played it on a friend's account shortly after, and then a year or so later on another friend's account until I finally got my own and played and played and played. Husbit, I and several friends would get together at weekends and play in a group, but we also made friends online and I'm still in touch with the one I got closest too. 

Then it stopped.

And I was gutted. And every now and then I really yearn to play. Even before it closed, I was thinking about running a tabletop version of the game, finding a simplified version of the computer game mechanics to control it. I was going to give out badges and everything! But I never got around to writing the mechanics down before the game ended, and I'm sad. I had so many ideas...

I had so many characters! Every however-many months you'd unlock extra character slots, but I still had filled all mine in both English speaking European servers, and was starting to try to learn internet French with a character on their server. The character creation was an aspect I really miss, because it was a really handy way of creating an image for characters in other games - there were so many options and so much control. It was ever so cool

I don't have many screenshots left, but here's a few:

Hero Elfie Maggot, Blaster
The villainous Luci Fair & her zombie horde

Lady Mercury - another villain (I think a Dominator)
I can't remember this villainous Brute's name - Mistress Blitz or Mistress Blitzen?
- she wielded a pair of swords and had lightning armour
Fey Blessing - healing Defender
and again, showing off her new outfit
Pixie Strike, a claws/evasion scrapper and the first character I got to 50
Pixie Strike in action
and Isis Kali, another Defender, this one dark/dark

I had loads of fun with these guys and all the others, and would love to bring the world to life again in tabletop form.

So that's my day 9 of RPGaDay2015. Thanks to Autocratik for running it again! :)

UPDATED: And we reach day 19, favourite supers RPG and Dave Chapman (Autocratik) gives an explanation as to why I don't have my desired CoX RPG as well as making me feel even more thirsty for it by describing how epic it was to have been! Check it out here.

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