Sunday 24 August 2014

Aerial Hoop - Tummy Drop

So way back when (well, back in June) I posted about circus class and failed to upload a video. And then last week I managed to post a load of other videos and pictures and finally that first one.

There's a move I mess up at the end of that first video and I now have footage of me succeeding at that move!

So, video one:

and video two:

It's not brilliant: I failed to pike properly as I came through before hocking on to the top bar - but I did a better job of bringing my legs through together rather than one at a time (every week I get a little better at it!) You may then notice I re-straighten my right leg after hocking on: my calf cramped as I pointed my toe and it made me a bit anxious to do the tummy drop so I stretched in the hopes of releasing the cramp. It didn't work, but never mind. It happens to me sometime - I don't know if it's part of being unfit, part of being hypermobile, or something else.

After that, I then messed up the backward lean out - this is partly because I haven't done it as often as the front lean so it feels a little awkward still. I also didn't put as much stretch into it as I would have liked to because I was a bit worried about the cramp.

I think I had the bar in the wrong place when I did actually drop - I think I normally have it in the place I started it in and normally stretch my back out to move my head away, rather than move the hoop away from my head. Not sure - it's several weeks since I last did a drop but it did feel a bit different compared to before. I know I didn't land in the right place, which is why my front balance (one of my favourite moves) is such a mess and I stagger before coming off.

Still, it was nice to do a tummy drop again and I'm very pleased with my steady improvement in getting up onto that top bar. I really like working up there.

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