Thursday 28 August 2014

RPGaDay Day 5 - Most Old School Game Owned


Day Five – Most Old School Game Owned

I’m going to cheat here, and write about a game I own by proxy rather than a game I own myself. I own some old World of Darkness; I have a seemingly permanent loan of WFRPs (1st Edition); and I own/have loan of 3rd Ed ShadowRun, but none of these are particularly old school (or maybe I’m just older than I think).

I was tempted to cheat using Hero Quest. My Grandada used to run the game for me and my younger siblings – I was always the elf, my brother always the wizard and my sister happy with either barbarian or dwarf – and he used to bring a ‘roleplay-lite’ element to the game. We found a copy in a charity shop and bought it because we loved the game so much, but it was never quite as fun with anyone else in charge. The game sits in my Dad’s board game cupboard now. It’s not necessarily old school, isn't technically an RPG and probably should have been mentioned on Day One instead, but I didn’t think of it then!

Husbit’s brother, an avid gamer, sadly died last year and we inherited all his roleplay books. There’s a fair few, mostly Cthulu and Dungeons & Dragons. Including some pretty old D&D bits and pieces. So that’s my ‘most old school RPG owned’: AD&D – many supplements, 2 players’ handbooks, and I believe the core rule book. I haven’t ever looked through it, though. It still makes me feel a little - not sad, as such; melancholy, maybe? - to see the books because they make me think of Jules and all the sorrow there.

With thanks again to Autocratik. His Day 5 is here.  

PS: trying to catch up! This should have been posted yesterday but was chilling out after an awesome circus session. Made real progress on a move on the silks I'd been struggling with, which was very exciting to me. Annoyingly, didn't have time to go a second time to be filmed, so can't share. And no circus for a fortnight now! 

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