Thursday 28 August 2014

RPGaDay Day 6 - Favourite Game I Never Get To Play


Day Six – Favourite Game I Never Get To Play


I’ve been wanting to play Changeling since playing in the Awesome World of Darkness Campaign run when I was at uni. It was the first time I’d come across World of Darkness and – having grown up with a deep love and respect for British and Irish folk and fairy tales (and world mythology in general) – Changeling really appealed to me. But no one at uni wanted to run it because it was too complicated and no one back home wants to run it because they think it would be played with fairies who are fluffy and light – and thus boring.

But a large part of why Changeling appeals to me is that doesn’t seem to be the case. It looks to me like it’s been designed to deal with the dark/light nature of the fey – the way that human morals don’t necessarily translate into fey morals.

I’m also interested in the need to keep the wild places in the world. It was described to me as that you could be living as part of a travelling carnival (which sounded like a wonderful setting) but you would really struggle in something like a pathology lab (which also made me want to play and subvert that – find ways to bring the wild into science… that might be more of a Deadlands thing, though).

Disclosure: I haven’t actually managed to get my hands on the rule book yet, so I could be completely misinterpreting what I’ve been told, but I really, really like the sound of this game. These days, I’m even half tempted to suck up my fear of GM’ing and try and run it myself; if nothing else, it would be a lovely excuse to re-read my various British/Irish myths and legends collections. Although, in honesty, I rarely need an excuse for that.

With thanks again to Autocratik. His Day 6 is here.

((PS: See! Catching up!))

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