Sunday 3 August 2014

BRUISES! (or, Hurray for Circus!)

Have had a really good circus class this afternoon. It’s something I love – I’m not particularly athletic or sporty but as an exercise this really seems to suit me (and the other people are lovely).

It suits me because I’m naturally quite flexible, so I was better at it initially than I expected, which in turn made me feel good and made me want to keep going. I’ve been amazed how quickly my strength and muscle tone has improved as well: it’s a fantastic exercise.

But you do bruise. In my first session, the lady taking the class warned us and also said we’d one day stop bruising and be disappointed and miss the bruises. I think I know what she means: every new bruise is very exciting to me! I get home and check for new bruises, showing them off to my much less impressed Husbit. It’s probably a good thing he doesn’t like to see me bruised, but sometimes I wish he would get excited with me: these bruises are hard-earned and awesome!

Today's session was exciting because I'd learned a new move the other day that I could just do and I was pretty sure I'd worked it out and would be able to do it properly this time - and I was right. I unfortunately don't have a picture of that (I also still haven't figured out how to upload the video). I'll get some more photos for y'all soon, so I can actually explain the things that excite me (other than the bruises...)

There should be another Pathfinder update shortly. We got quite a lot done in last night's session.

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