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RPGaDay Day 8 - Favourite Character


Day Eight – Favourite Character

Isn’t this one of those things you’re meant to never ask a roleplayer? I know I’ve certainly done my fair share of boring other people to death with my beloveds. Indeed, the primary purpose of this blog was to be able to share detail of various characters without having to see that glassy-eyed response in my audience…

But the truth is there is something lovely about the enthusiasm with which a geek speaks of their favourite characters, so I’m really pleased to see this here.

I love most of my characters, but those I am most deeply attached to are, probably unsurprisingly, those I have played the longest – so Kamaya, Plays, ‘Mathilde,’ Kella and Svetlana are I think my top 5. It is very hard to pick between them.


Kamaya was my character in the first ShadowRun game I played – a Canadian Japanese-Native American elf adept born to a human family, she had travelled to Seattle to avenge the death of her brother (hooked on BTL’s). She joined the game after achieving this and feeling at a loose end. I intended her to be more of a pacifist, only killing if necessary and using non-lethal bullets. Of course, these don’t pierce the armour security guards inevitably wear so I soon gave up on my lofty ideals and was as much of a killing machine as the louder players and NPC’s (there were pacifists in the group, but they were quieter so placed less peer pressure on me).

When the GM got his hands on the Magic in the Shadows supplement, we adapted the character to be a shaman-adept, with Cheetah as her totem because she was so fast. Her preferred weapons were some uzi-type gun whose name I forget and her monofilament whip – she lost this in the Renraku Arcology (which I would love to revisit because we barely scratched the surface) but on the next corpse was told she could find another (yay for puppy-dog eyes) with a target number of 30-something on a D6. I reached 40.

Eventually, Kamaya became so powerful I felt it was time to retire her. I had a nice little plan to set up a chain of pubs, clubs and restaurants and set herself up as a fixer with these as her front. The GM wanted to tie off one plot (we’d seriously pissed off Ares Corps) so had her best friend (NPC wolf shaman Tark) cranial bombed to death in front of her. Was a bit upset by that because it meant I couldn’t retire her, even though we’d agreed it…
Starlight aka Plays in Shadows

My character in the modern-day Werewolf part of the Awesome Uni WoD Campaign, I have spoken about Plays before. I really liked her innocence and child-like nature (a theme we will return to with both Kella and Svetlana) but am not going to add to what I’ve already written. 


I played Assamites in the Vampire parts of the WoD with Starlight/Plays. One of the other players played Ravnos, and they looked a lot of fun. So when another friend at uni invited me into her Vampire game, I jumped at the chance to try them out.

The game was set in Austria or somewhere in that area, in the early 19th Century. My character introduced herself as Mathilde, a Toreador passing through. It didn’t take long for the other players (although not their characters) to twig there was some masquerade going on: I kept making vaguely feline paw-to-face style motions. Owen, playing the excellent Russian Malkav Jana, had me pegged as a Gangrel from the first session I joined. I think he was as amused as I when it finally tumbled out I was actually a Ravnos.

My character never had a set name – she was old enough to barely remember the name she’d used when alive and was known by those other Ravnos on the same path as her (one from the Ravnos book) as Ursel (something the other players never knew) and chose a new name for herself every time she changed location. She’d been born in India and had grown up as part of a group of travellers with a Ravnos vampire living in their caravan. She’d had her eye on my character, and when I was deemed old enough she changed me with the agreement of my parents.

I really liked the character. Most of my characters are healers and basically nice: this character had ‘bully’ as her nature and her weakness (which worked very well with Jana’s nature of ‘egomaniac’: every time I bullied her it was all about her so we both regained willpower. An accidental bit of powergaming!) She was where I learnt about being a trickster and I found that a lot of fun and very liberating.

Her primary focus was chimestry. She was very fey/wyld orientated – her overall goal was to wipe out all vampires to free the energies caught up within their bodies. One NPC, a Lasombre called Maxmilian, ended up blood-bound to her because he wanted chimestry and she wanted the shadow power whose name momentarily eludes me. His tentacles were thick and tentically. I always pictured hers as more delicate and tendrilly – like a bramble or climbing rose.


I’ve spoken about Kella briefly before. She was my character in an epic homebrew game based on Final Fantasy 10. Kella started out as a white mage (of sorts) and ended up a summoner. She had a child-like naivety that was an external façade, a shield to protect her from the horrors of the world. Inside, she was steel and determination but to be able to maintain that she needed this other appearance. Svetlana can be a bit like this. 

I think Kella is so dear to me because she had a younger sister that my GM played exactly like my real world younger sister without having met her, for her beautiful love story and for the intensity of the game itself: it left me in tears more than once.


It’s probably obvious that I rather like Svetlana. She’s my character in the Pathfinder campaign that makes up a large amount of this blog and she’s lovely. She’s optimistic, confident and caring – she is, in many ways, the person I would love to be. Kella and Plays share this with her (although there are times when I would love the lack of care for others that marks ‘Mathilde’ – the way she does things for her own entertainment without even considering another may have feelings that could be hurt. Liberating in small doses, but not something I could deal with doing in the real world).

I’ve said a lot about Svetlana in various places on this blog so I’m going to leave you with my GM’s description of her: 

With thanks again to Autocratik. His Day 8 is here

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