Sunday 31 August 2014

RPGaDay Day 12 - Old Game Still Played


Will be doing a Pathfinder update soon but migraine’d-out during the session so it may be a little disjointed and I’m not feeling quite right now, so doing this first cost it involves a little less focus. But that’s today’s excuse for poor writing/typing skills.

Day Twelve – Old RPG Still Played

Aberrant, released in 1999. My Pathfinder GM really wanted to run it but only I and Bells (who plays Aaron in Pathfinder) were both free and interested so it’s a small group. 

I’d played Aberrant once before but I barely remember the game except my character ended up superstrong and glowing in the dark. We didn’t pick our powers, the GM gave them to us depending on what we did, and that worked pretty well except one player ended up able to pass through solid matter and used this to take someone’s heart out of their chest. He then couldn’t understand why I was upset by this (he went into some detail in his description) and I think it was his lack of empathy and belief his action was funny that lead me to drop out.

I like the White Wolf system (I like any game where I get to roll massive handfuls of dice – I find it very satisfying) and had forgotten the game above was Aberrant until we started this new one… and (digging through my roleplay folder) I found my old character sheet.

As I said, I don’t really remember the last game I played but Bells is playing in another game. In character, neither us knew how much more powerful we are than normal novas (we are starting to) so it was fine for me out of character to not realise – and fun for Bells to understand.

Also healt and willpower
Because we have so much more quantum, our GM has provided us with pots of glass gems to count it with (ditto for health and willpower) to save damaging our character sheets by rubbing out repeatedly. These are large pots that are utterly full and have been known to push me into what the other two have affectionately named “power giggling”.

That's how much quantum we had early on on the left, a normal nova on the right.

We have a lot more quantum now

We’ve been playing an extended character gen prologue, earning nova points instead of XP (to help us become so stupidly powerful) that I intend to write up now it’s finished, and then start chronicling Aberrant as well as Pathfinder.

Bells’s character, Adam, is bullet-dodging fast, an amazing dancer and can throw lightning around. He’s 17 and parentless (my character hasn’t asked him about that: he’ll tell her if he wants to), had got involved in a local gang but is out of that now.

My character, Chrissie, is early 20’s. She was a nurse and from a wealthy background but her parents did not like her decision to become a nurse and, always a bit rebellious, she rejected their love of money. Things remain cold between them, but she has regained friendship with her brother. Her powers include flight and fire manipulation, and she has mega-strength, dex, stamina, perception, int, wits and charisma. She’s just earned a doctorate in human biology and is now working towards the same in pharmacological chemistry. Taught by her current boss’s dad.

We’re working for Benedict St John of St John Enterprises – basically, a supersmart version of Richard Branson/Virgin. Last session, we assembled our superteam (of normal power level novas) which included a friend of Chrissie’s, Jean Baptiste, her parkour instructor who was a doctor with Médicins Sans Frontières

The prologue ended with the Russian president being shot in front of us. The world is descending into war and chaos.

With thanks again to Autocratik. His Day 12 is here

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