Monday 25 August 2014

RPGADay Day Three - First RPG Purchased


Day Three – First Game Purchased

The first core rule book I had was WFRPs (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay). I was actually given this by some friends before I joined the Buffy game discussed in Day One. This book was being leant to me because they wanted to play and needed someone to GM and thought I’d do. The game never happened. I still have the book; Ed (I think it was Ed’s), if you ever want it back please let me know.

The first game I ran, ShadowRun, was also run on a borrowed core rule book (Jon, if your brother ever wants it back I do still have it. It’s possible people shouldn’t lend me books…) but I did pick up some of the supplements – Man and Machine and Magic in the Shadows. So they would make up the first RPG purchase I made (excluding dice).

Because so many of my friends are much more experienced players/refs and because I tend to play rather than run games I don’t have that many books of my own. Husbit, on the other hand, has a fairly respectable collection. Mine takes up one tiny corner of the bookshelf that overflows with his.

With thanks again to Autocratik. His response to Day 3 is here

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