Saturday 12 August 2017

#RPGaDAY2017: Day 12 - Which RPG has the most inspiring interior art?

Again, feeling sad most of our books are packed away. Those that haven't been packed are Buffy the Vampie Slayer and Deadlands Reloaded, and of those two, Deadlands is more inspiring art because Buffy is mostly stills from the show - and I love the show, but drawn art is more interesting to me, for an RPG.

But after we packed the books away, the Paranoia Kickstarter delivered. I've not yet properly looked through it, but Husbit has had a look and suggests the art because it gives a real feel for the game.

And having nosed through, I have to agree with him. The art isn't the most exciting or the most beautiful I've seen, but it's fun:

Image from the back of one of the books, of one clone about to shoot another to earn an award
The art isn't what caught our attention, though; it's little touches. The page numbers are held within security cameras and the chapter headings are surrounded by eyes.

Fun and constantly observed? Sounds like Paranoia.

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  1. I find that Whitewolf tend to put art in their books, and exalted has some good ones! :)

    1. I've got loads of Werewolf in particular, but they're all packed away :(