Tuesday 1 August 2017

#RPGaDAY2017: Day One - What Published RPG Do You Wish You Were Playing Right Now?

It's that time of year again! I'm going to try to post an answer on time each day this year, but this requires prepping them in advance and I've been really ill and really busy so have started way later than I intended, so it may not happen... 

This is probably intended to be a simple one to ease us in to the new season, but I don't have an easy answer for this. I'm really enjoying the games I'm in at the moment - Deadlands and Exalted, with Aberrant and Pathfinder being recent campaigns with unfinished business, and the rumour of some Mage on the horizon. And then I'm looking ahead, because the games that I might mention are likely to come up on days 11 and 17 (maybe 15 and 16 as well).

Right now while I'm writing this, I'm looking forward to our Deadlands game this evening.

It's an exciting campaign, and I promise I will get around to writing more of it up once real life stress eases off. I'm playing Solomon, a young woman raised in a Christian orphanage for boys (you can read her background here and her starting stats here). The rest of the party are Chin, an American-born child of Chinese immigrants and a martial artist; Tesla, an electricity-focused mad scientist, son of a wealthy English family who's come to the States to try and meet his namesake... And Carson, a huxter who seems to see himself as damned, and intends to save as many of us as he can before he goes.

Since I posted her stats, Husbit realised we'd be spending a lot of time in Chinese-speakings parts and (at the time) we had no Chinese-speakers, so he allowed us to take Chinese at a d4 in exchange for a minor hindrance - I took loyal, which pairs up nicely with Carson's big damn hero (or whatever the hindrance is actually called), and means the two are quite close. She's devoutly Christian and tries to save him, but he doesn't want her to: he's not let much slip in character, but she's learnt he doesn't have much time for Christianity, but not because he doesn't believe - maybe because he knows it's true. Out of character, they actually have fairly similar backgrounds, being raised in Christian orphanages, so it's kinda nice that they're close.

Tesla's mad science does stand him apart from the rest of us, but does lead to lighthearted moments, such as the invention of 'stealth healing', because his healing powers are so terrifying we're generally reluctant to let him near us...

Chin is newest to the party, replacing the gunslinger, Steve, who got a bit blown up and drowned. 

We're playing in the Savage Worlds reboot of Deadlands, currently working through The Flood. I'm really enjoying it: the system is simple and fluid, especially in combat (we recently had a one-shot Pathfinder session and I think we were all taken by surprise how long combat took, having been spoiled by Savage Worlds). Husbit runs Deadlands really well, taking the themes and hints in the source material and running with them to create something that's ours (have you checked out the version of Coffin Rock he ran? I've not read the actual scenario, but understand he ... played with it).

 I just put the question - what rpg do you wish you were playing right now - to Husbit, and he said he wished he were playing, not just running, Deadlands. Take that as a recommendation from both of us, then. If you like your system simple, your wild west weird and your steampunk laced with horror, this is the game for you!

Of course... by the time this actually goes live, we'll have played that Deadlands session and I'll be looking forward to Exalted instead!


RPGaDAY was started by Dave Chapman and is currently curated by RPG Brigade. To join in yourself, follow the questions in the graphic and blog, vlog, tweet, or otherwise share your responses with the hashtag RPGaDAY2017.

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