Tuesday 22 August 2017

#RPGaDAY2017: Day 22: Which RPG's are easiest for you to run?

When I first looked at today's question, I thought I wouldn't have much to say because I don't have much experience running games, and am unlikely to run many (due to having plenty of friends who really enjoy running them). My inexperience means I don't know if I'd prefer to run a rules-heavy or rules-light system (I enjoy playing in both). Something with straightforward, quick combat is, I think, required. But beyond that...

anyway feel the group you're running for is more important. And then I thought, maybe I could talk about that - about the type of group I'd prefer to run for.

I want to run a game for a group of people interested in story-telling and character interaction, which will mean, I think, more prep but an easier time on the night: I want them to interact with each other as well as with NPC's. This means they also need to be people who get on well, and where you don't have one or two load persoanlities who dominate each session, because I don't have the self- or GM-confidence to control that.

On Day 6, I talked a bit about the Buffy game I want to run for some of my aerial friends, and I mentioned I'd bring in a friend who already plays to help out. As much as I love him, that would not be Husbit: he's one of those dominant personalities. There's a few uni friends who'd be invited if they're free, because I miss them as much as because I think they'd be great for supporting new players. Realistically, though, it'd be Bells, aka Adam in Aberrant and my twin brother in Exalted. He and I both enjoy the character side of games most, and value story, learning and exploration over combat (nothing against a good combat, just not our priority). I've already talked to him and he's happy to be my assistant.

Of my aerial friends, the one who's most interested is Rochelle. Check out her Instagram for some great photos of reading on hoop.
Just chillin', hanging by her knees from the top of the hoop and reading, like you do.

She's never played before, but has wanted to for a while so I'd love to get her hooked. She loves to read, and has been lending the Court of Thorn and Roses series by Sarah J Maas - young adult fiction about a young woman under going various trials and tribulations that make me suspect Rochelle will fit right into the kind of game I want to run and play in. She's also a lot of fun!

There's a few others who've said they'd be up for it, but Rochelle's the most keen of the newbies, and Bells the most accommodating of the oldies. They've never met, but I suspect they'll get on just fine.


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