Wednesday 16 August 2017

#RPGaDAY2017: Day 16 - Which RPG do you enjoy using as is

I'm afraid my answer today is going to be as wet as yesterday, and for basically the same reasons.

I guess although I haven't played in ages, ShadowRun is probably the game I most enjoy playing as is. The setting is really rich and the history well put together: using the return of magic as the justification for why technology that we take for granted but which wasn't considered when the game was written doesn't exist in the game is a great get-out clause and helps keep me immersed.

I was very disappointed when 2012 swung round and no elves were born.


RPGaDAY was started by Dave Chapman and is currently curated by RPG Brigade. To join in yourself, follow the questions in the graphic and blog, vlog, tweet, or otherwise share your responses with the hashtag RPGaDAY2017.

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