Saturday 26 August 2017

#RPGaDAY2017: Day 26 - Which RPG has the best resources

I saw this topic and started racking my brains thinking of which come with physical things to help you run or play the game, but then at Exalted we were looking through some First Age items and realised I want to talk about in-game resources instead.

I'll start with the 'resources' stat in Exalted: I'm a big fan of the way White Wolf handles money. If you aren't familiar with it, rather than keeping tracking of every penny/cent/nu-yen/gem, you have a stat called "resources", and costs are listed as being "resources 1", "resources 2", etc. You can make purchases below the value of your stat immediately and with no repurcussion. If the value matches your stat, the stat will decrease temporarily (I'm not sure the exact rules, whether it's Storyteller discretion or specified or what). I'm not actually sure of the rules for when it's more - the only time it's come up in any game I've played in, we decided piracy was the way forward anyway and, um, acquired a boat. (That worked really well for us: it was sufficiently stocked with trade goods the GM temporarily raised our resources.)

And then onto items themselves! I enjoy supplement books filled with extra items - Shadowruns's Man & Machine and Deadlands's Smith & Robards are the first that come to mind (sticking with strictly physical in-game resources - I was also a fan of new spells and stuff from Magic in the Shadows). Seeing as it was a conversation in Exalted that started this train of thought, I figured I'd stay there. Taji and Kito have recently reclaimed the lost city of Denandsor from the maddening fog that meant no one could come near the First Age city - which means it's largely untouched and still shunned, a perfect base of operations filled with exciting goods.

Among my favourites are the Wind Blade transports, because WilyKit was always my favourite Thundercat (and just writing that sentence has me seeing loads of parallels between the Thunderkittens and Kito and Taji that I'd never noticed before. Mostly in curiosity and propensity for trouble), and they're very similar to the flying surfboards Panthro made for her and WilyKat.

We've just got our hands on some rather funky eggs: you can feel them like a bag of holding, then banish them to Elsewhere so you don't even have to carry them! You can only have one banished at a time, but still very cool. 

There's a piece of furniture that can be any piece of furniture. There's a stick of many uses - drinking straw, snorkel of not-getting-water-down-it, blow pipe, flute, other stuff. I've got a quill that takes dictation including emotion and emphasis (haven't used it yet, but I was given it for making a good decision, so I like it).

There's all sorts. I'm really enjoying exploring the treasures and love the amount of utility items.


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