Wednesday 2 August 2017

#RPGaDAY2017: Day Two - What is an RPG you would like to see published?

This is another I don't know. I don't pay much attention to stuff like this, relying on my friends to find stuff out - but I have been intrigued by Michael Wenman's The Law  project.

It's got a real Judge Dredd feel to it, which I like. Both my Dad and my Husbit are fans of the comics; my first exposure was a crossover with the band Placebo free with an edition of Kerrang! but I really enjoyed the Karl Urban film and Husbit's subscribed to 'The Mega Collection', so I'm learning more and like the setting and would like a game there.

The Law has the feel of Dredd, while having little quirks that make it its own thing, and the format of the rulesbook in comic strip form si brilliant. I've been enjoying watching it shape, the themes, the art and the rules.

And here's the problem with doing these in advance: it's now available as a pdf.

RPGaDAY was started by Dave Chapman and is currently curated by RPG Brigade. To join in yourself, follow the questions in the graphic and blog, vlog, tweet, or otherwise share your responses with the hashtag RPGaDAY2017.

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