Sunday 17 August 2014

Circus - Videos and Photos

This is not a real post. It's just an update from this post. I've got some footage of me on the silks but for some reason even though the footage of me on the hoop mentioned in the other post is in the same place as these videos, I still can't get it to link. So there are a few more photos instead.

Update: *Finally* found a way to get this video to post! Was so proud of how well I did when it was taken and now makes me feel really good about how far I've come in what is actually a fairly short space of time. Makes me feel confident for the future - especially seeing as I managed a superman mount by myself for the first time last week. It was messy as hell, but I did it (the mount takes you into front balance rather than hocking on and I really like front balance so I'm determined to be able to do the mount neatly).

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