Sunday 24 August 2014

#RPGaDay Day Two - First Game GM'd


Day Two – First Game GM’d

ShadowRun (3rd Ed).

From Day One, the second game I played was ShadowRun and I loved it – particularly the mix of cyberpunk and fantasy that I know is some people’s biggest reason for disliking it.

When I met the Husbit, I knew I liked him but lacked the confidence and experience to just ask for his number and needed a ruse. I knew he gamed, so convinced my brother and one of his friends to join a ShadowRun game that I would run – and invited Husbit and a couple of other people in his group (so’s to not make it look suspicious…).

I don’t remember much of the game. The idea was they were low level group trying to carve out their own little patch of gang territory before moving on to earn money by running. It didn’t work out that way.

Husbit played a mage with a mad Mexican dwarf who lived in his hat. It was a bit too silly, really, but I didn’t know how to stop him and wasn’t too bothered. I don’t think I’d let him do that now. My brother’s friend played a human with a bit of a cat fetish – she had whiskers and a full facial tattoo to make her look like a tiger. I liked her character. I don’t remember anything particular about the others.

There were some amusing moments. I remember one character botching a stealth role and it was decided he was trying so hard to be stealthy he was being rather obvious – hiding behind lampposts; ducking whenever the target turned around; that sort of thing. It lead to a song – the “I’m SNEAKING” song, complete with ‘being stealthy’ poses.

The game wasn’t great; I was a pretty terrible GM. But the group – in one form or another with several hiatuses – has continued and is now our Pathfinder group. Of the original members, strictly speaking only Husbit remains because I took a break for uni and rejoined. 

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