Wednesday 2 September 2015

Musical A-Z - R

Hello new people who've started reading since RPGaDay! Whilst I mostly blog about roleplay stuff, a mini-project I've been enjoying has been sharing my music tastes. We're up to artists beginning with R. Hope you enjoy :)

Rage Against the Machine

Having recently ended up with my own car and started driving regularly, I've really enjoyed listening to all my old cd's again. This track was on one I'd made up for dj'ing RocSoc at uni. I was stuck in traffic so whacked the volume up and rocked out. With care and respect to my surroundings.

I love RAtM. Again, a band I discovered as a teenager. I respect that they support the political charge of their lyrics with their acts.

I was going to pick the obvious Killing in the Name so I could share an anecdote about an old job. I may have shared it before, but never mind. I worked in a pub with night club attached. The night club was predominantly a metal club and had a main bar at the front and a small bar at the back that was only really big enough for one member of staff - usually me, because I could handle it even in a crush and very rarely had mistakes in my till.

The boss also headed up security, so he'd wander round from time to time to make sure I was ok - and he always came by when Killing in the Name played so I could scream "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me!" in his face. We had a great relationship: he really looked after any member of staff who worked hard. I'll miss him for a long time yet


When I was little, I learnt a tiny bit of German before visiting family there. And I really hated milk. Then years later, I (mis)heard this and was amazed to discover a song had been written about me! The confusion was dispersed when it was explained the lyrics are "You have me" and not "Du hasst milch".

Remember the friend I mentioned whom I met when he accidently thwacked me in the face with spikes? His name's Arthur and everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend as awesome as he is. Anyway, he's well over 6ft (I think 6'4") and I had another friend (Boyd) of similar height, and they used to stand either side of me in mosh pits and when skanking at uni, and this song in particular always makes me think of them.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

This was another band where it was nearly impossible to pick which song to go with... but this is beautiful. The Chili's were my favourite band as a teenager; each album having its own style meant I could find something to suit nearly any mood. 

Regina Spektor

A friend at uni introduced me to Regina Spektor as "she's weird, but good. Everything about her is weird but good." I don't listen to her often enough to be able to pick a song, so just grabbed one from Youtube. I wanted to include her, though, because she always makes me think of driving with Lou.


My brother introduced me to these guys, starting with The Sound of Punk to Come. This is one of his favourites, and I rather like it too.


Do you remember me mentioning that Awesome World of Darkness I played in when I was at uni? End of the World was one of the theme songs for that. But this is a song I sing to myself whenever I'm having a bad day, and it always makes me feel better.


This is another one that stands out... I don't actually like Rihanna's music (although she has an incredible voice), but I couldn't talk about Steve (my Late boss) without this song coming to mind. His girlfriend at the time he died  had very different music tastes to the staff and regulars, and used to put this on the jukebox over and over again to wind him up. It was a bit of fun but meant it was a long time before I could listen to this without crying. So I don't like it the way I like most of the music I share, but it has become a part of me.

Rob Zombie
I want this played at my funeral. Also, having recently watched The Cabinet of Dr Caligari  for the first time, I really enjoyed this video!

I may have made the mistake of asking Husbit and our friend Mazz (of Clockwork Wargaming), both former DJ's, for suggestions and they've pointed out many fantastic artists I've missed. Rose Royce, Rolling Stones and Richard Cheese nearly appeared, but I realised I was going to never end this post if I wasn't careful! There were many other music memories brought forth from their chattings.

Have I missed a favourite of yours? Any recommendations?