Friday 18 September 2015

Musical A-Z - S (updated)


This is one of my very favourite bits of music.

Savage Garden

I know, terribly uncool, but I really like Savage Garden. Having said that, I've not listened to them in a very long time... 
They were one of very bands my younger sister and I both liked as teenagers. Her favourite was the one about chica cherry cola ('I Want You', I believe), but this one was mine because most of the lyrics were things I believed. And I vaguely recall using 'To the Moon and Back' to torment our younger brother...


More teenage summer songs. I was torn between this one and 'Secret Smile', but when I listened to 'Secret Smile' it was a lot whinier than I remembered, so 'Closing Time' it is.

Sepultura (UPDATE)

Just had it pointed out I missed these guys! This song is one from the club I worked in. Reminds me of collecting glasses, the stink of sweat (in a good way!) and friendly moshpits. 

Shakespears Sister (UPDATE)

I'm also disconcerted that I managed to miss this! The first song I owned: a birthday present from my big sister (along with Michael Jackson's Bad album). Oh, and another pick where I only know one song...
Smashing Pumpkins

The first of three today where I really only know one song, but have listened to it enough that it needed inclusion. Again, teenage angst! I do have an album of theirs, I just never got into it the way I have with other music.

Snake River Conspiracy

My friend Arthur (he of the spiked bracelet) had their album on in the background when I was drinking tea round his (he's largely to blame for me drinking tea: he'd make me a cup before remembering I didn't drink tea, so I'd drink it to be polite until I acquired a taste. I now really like tea - but I'm very fussy about how i drink it!). I really liked it - he knew I liked one of their songs (a fantastic cover of The Cure's 'Love Song') from RocSoc and was pleased i liked the rest of the album because it's one of his favourite and they're not well known (he also reintroduced me to Mr Bungle, whom I accidentally neglected on M).
They only did this one album, Sonic Jihad, before splitting, but I did have a very old tweet mentioning them recently favourited, so I understand there may be similar music to come as Mojave Phone Booth.


This song is on one of the mix-disc's I rediscovered to play in my car. I really ought to check out more of their stuff, because I keep grabbing that disc out for this song (making this the second pick where I only really know one song). It makes me think of the friendly moshpits of the rock/metal nights I've been out on. I dunno, I just really like it. And watching the video, cannot get over how sleek the singer's hair is!


Yep, this would be the third. This song feels like a good metaphor for depression, somehow. I know someone who made cd's where it was every 3rd track so she didn't have to keep skipping back to it. I like it, but not that much!


In my defense, I wouldn't have even thought of Steps if I hadn't mentioned tormented my brother earlier (we used to sing 'Tragedy' as "Will's hair's a mess and he's in a stress; he's hard to bear; with <lyrics I forget> he's going nowhere". Siblings can be very cruel); and Faye from Steps is a metalhead. Let's just ignore that I used to know all the moves to this song, and focus on how funny it is when my West Country friend Jon sings this at karaoke in his thickest Somerset accent.

Sublime (UPDATE)

This update makes the 5th pick where I only know one song. I like ska punk but don't know loads. It may sound weird, but what I like about this song is that it shows the rapist to be a bad guy - that his behaviour deserves punishment, not applause. Feels like an "I believe you" moment.

System of a Down 

I wasn't going to pick this track to represent SoaD, but I've discovered they are my preferred driving music and at the end of a looooong week where I'd spent a fair amount of time stuck in traffic, my GM made the mistake of setting a scene as "You wake up. What do you do?" I don't often wear make up, and my character never does, which would explain his confused expression. It did at least help me wake up and engage with the game more fully...

Like I said, I'm listening to a lot of SoaD in the car. I could listen to digital music, but I'm loving having an excuse to go through my cds. Track 1 on the same album (Toxicity) is 'Prison Song', in which they speak out against the ridiculousness of imprisoning people for taking drugs when treatment and rehabilitation is proven to be far more effective... The logic there makes me think of arguments raised by Icarus Anne Riley, and you should all check out her blog because she is eloquent and pissed off and wants you to think. Also because she talks about music and gaming and other stuff you might like.


  1. Nice selection in here - BUT SAVAGE GARDEN? Oh Fern, how can we help?