Sunday 27 September 2015

Musical A-Z - T

Sorry I've been a bit quiet. There's been some 'real life' stuff going on that's eaten into my time and motivation, and it's going to get worse before it gets better so I'm afraid posts are going to be intermittant and of dubious quality for a little while at least. I'll get back on track as soon as I can, so please bear with me till then.

One of the joys of these musical posts has been that I don't have to think too hard - and I get to listen to music I often haven't properly listened to in years.


Another from my teenage years who, listening to now, I want to get back into. A friend of my friends was a really big fan - I  think he knew their bassist - so I listened to a lot when he was around. It was also he who introduced me to Pantera and reinforced my love of Fear Factory. 

Taylor Davis

This is a collaberation with Lara on the piano. I've shared my favourite of Taylor Davis's pieces (Cosmo Canyon) recently, so picked this instead. She's done a lot of fantasic covers of music that will be familiar to geeks of most ages, but it was her FFVII covers that I discovered first, so they will always be most special to me.

Third Eye Blind

Another somewhat angsty-whiney band I like anyway. My little sister thinks I'm obsessed with this particular of their songs because it's on basically every mix disc I made after I bought the album, but I think I like Ten Days Late best. Giving this song to other people was my clumsy attempt at saying "if you're standing on a ledge, you're not alone and I'll try to help if you need me to, even if it makes you hate me."

I love this song. I love their voices and I loved singing along loudly and with little understanding with my younger sister. And now I'm older, I love that there's a pop song saying it's ok to say no to guys you wanna say no to! I like others of their songs, but I love this.


Transplants are one of the bands I've found to be fantastic driving music, so I knew I wanted to include them. Diamonds and Guns was my introduction to them, and California Babylon was my first choice for song to put here (although it was close between that and most of the rest of the album...) but this won out because a lot of people who matter to me have lost children and this song makes me think of them. 


I have this memory that Coldplay would release a song, then fade away, then Travis would release a song, then fade away, then Coldplay, then Travis... They're similarly nasal and droney but I always preferred Travis so was disappointed when Coldplay appeared to 'win'.


These guys are fantastic and if you don't already know them you should definitely check them out. Their videos generally tell fun little stories; this video doesn't show their incredible skill to its fullest, but does have Steve Vai in it and I'm feeling guilty for forgetting him when I did S. 


My big sister used to go to a rollerdisco every week. 8 years younger, I was too young to be there but she used to bring me along anyway. They'd let me rollerskate up and down at the end of the hall, and every now and then one of the staff would take me for a couple of circuits of the main floor. This song was one that played there often, and brings back very fond memories of my brief flirtation with minor rebellion.


Viking doom metal! What's not to love? 'Twas my friend Troll Luke who first got me to listen to this, and now he's run off to another part of the UK and I haven't seen him in years, which sucks.  


  1. Nice - I have Lara and Taylor's cd on my iPhone :)

    1. They're so talented! I particularly love violins, violas, cellos and double basses, so I know more of Taylor's stuff than Lara's, but I really enjoy their duets.

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