Friday 19 August 2016

#RPGaDAY2016 - Day 19: Best way to learn a new game?

By playing it.

Different people learn in different ways, so for me the best way to learn a new game is to have an abridged version of the rules explained verbally, a skim read of pertinent chapters in the rulebook, and then to play (rereading and having further explanations as needed).

Most systems I've played have either been made up on the spot or known by at least a couple of people before we start, and that works well - as long as the people who know the rules know the rules the same way... But even when it's new to all of us, whoever's GM'ing reads the book, explains some, lets the rest of us read relevant bits as we gen characters, and then we work together to figure things out as necessary - officially with the GM getting deciding vote on conflicting interpretations, but players can be fickle and forgetful so there are sometimes tiffs.