Tuesday 9 August 2016

#RPGaDAY2016 - Day Nine: Beyond the game, what's involved in an ideal session?

I feel like this can be done with bulletpoints:
  • Time to play in, ie not having to get up early the following morning, nor having been awake/busy since too early so I can enjoy wakeful play til late.
  • Being in good physical & emotional health, for much the same reason (and also so I can actively take part without becoming fragile).
  • Somewhere comfy to sit.
    • At home, I steal the big armchair - large enough to fidgit in without annoying others and so snuggy comfy!
    • At Rich's, I have a little corner of floor with cushions that's mine.
    • When we go back up to uni, I get to snuggle up on a sofa or cushion pile with friends I don't get to see nearly often enough.
  • Snacks! 
    • I'm a sucker for Butterkist's toffee popcorn. 
    • It was always Haribo Tangfastics when I was at uni.
    • Black coffee.
    • Tsatsiki or guacamole. Or humous.
    • This time of year, mint Cornettos or mint or raspberry Magnums.
And friends. The best bit of all is playing with the best people. But I see that that's the topic for the 14th, so I shan't go into it now.



  1. Damn, I forgot black coffee in my list.

  2. I generally prefer Mountain Dew, but if I were with you & Al then I'd happily drink coffee (black, no sugar) because I know it would be good coffee.