Wednesday 17 August 2016

#RPGaDAY2016 - Day 17: What ficitional character would be best fit in your group?

There's such a huge field to choose from I'm feeling almost overwhelmed by this question, so let's focus on the type of person I would want, which is a bit selfish because in our larger group we have different types of players who want different things so I'm looking for a fictional character who swings the balance in my favour. To keep up with Husbit's machiaveillian tendancies you'd need someone like GRRM's Tyrion Lannister, and I'm not sure I want anyone from Westeros in my game.

I'd want someone smart, supportive of others, and who gets what we're doing. Someone who knows sometimes you need to let off steam with silliness, but who can emotionally commit themselves to a game. I suspect JK Rowling's Hermione Granger would fit pretty well in my smaller Aberrant/Exalted group. I don't think Patrick Rothfuss's Reshi or Kvothe would see the point, but Bast, I think, would - and I think he'd be able to work with mine and Bells's softer styler and Husbit's more forceful personality, while dragging Paul away from the skill/equipment shopping lists he favours (Rich GM's so much more often than plays I think I'm assuming he's running this game). I just don't know how safe it would be to play with someone of his nature...




  1. Never take someone from Westeros

    1. I keep trying to find someone to dispute that but if they aren't going to kill you then they have no sense of humour, so neither works.

      Maybe Sam Tarly. He'd probably be ok, and I could mother him a bit.