Monday 1 September 2014

RPGaDay Day 13 - Most Memorable Character Death


Still using the migraine excuse for why I’ve not written up Saturday’s Pathfinder yet. It will happen – it was all exciting and stuff and Evander tried tripping a door and Svetlana got to see Noleski and got choked by a necklace. And Alexei and Aaron and Keiran did stuff and stuff. But I’m still feeling not quite right so will have to wait for now.

Day Thirteen – Most Memorable Character Death

I think only 4 of my characters have died. Svetlana came back – it was a bit Buffy-like, in that she was all in heaven and if she gets killed again she’ll probably resist coming back. So I really hope that doesn’t happen because I really like playing her!

Another was a vampire whose name eludes me and who was there to die easily: we were viewing the Apocalypse through the eyes of new vampires who didn’t have a clue. Kinda fun, but not exactly memorable.

The other two were both TPK’s, both in WFRP’s and both GM’d by Husbit. One I’m using for my most memorable encounter later, so I’ll use the other here.

We were a low-level party who’d discovered a ritual was being prepared to summon Sigmar to defeat the Chaos gods. It seemed like a really good idea to us, so we went down the ‘greater good’ scheme and let the children or whatever be sacrificed to complete the ritual. At which point, Sigmar arrived and summoned the Chaos gods one at a time to fight them to the death… and the world ended around us because it wasn’t designed to hold gods! Ooops…

In terms of other characters’ deaths, I’ll not forget poor old Devo-Morph, the dragon-born ranger with an awesome both that turned into two swords. He fell into a deep body of water. My little halfling druid jumped in to save him but was too weak… so nicked his sword ‘to remember him by’. Also Paul’s ShadowRun ganger who stole a bus and then didn’t know what to do to escape so carried on the bus route, collecting and depositing passengers until a SWAT guy shot him in the head. We always felt the GM was being a little unfair there.

And I recall playing an angry mob (home from uni for a couple of weeks so assisting Husbit in running his game by taking on various NPC roles) and chasing my brother with flaming torches. To avoid burning to death, he ran into a lake. Clad in full-plate…

With thanks again to Autocratik. His Day 13 is here

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  1. That WFRP game was another lesson learnt for me. I didnt give enough info to the players/characters to make an informed choice about not destroying the world. Oh well, we live and learn :)