Wednesday 3 September 2014

RPGaDay - Days 14 and 15: Best Convention Purchase / Game


Day Fourteen – Best Convention Purchase

I’ve never been to a convention, but Husbit bought me the haematite dice I’ve mentioned before at a mini-convention at the Tank Museum, so I’ll go with them cos they are lovely.

Day Fifteen – Favourite Convention Game

I was going to more or less skip this for the same reason as above, but then I thought I’ve never been to a convention but I have been to a number Freshers’ Fayres. Three, in fact, one for each year of uni. And whilst I’ve not played games at any of them (except things like Hide and Seek or Who Can Sign Up the Most Freshers), I think it would be nice to celebrate them.

Freshers’ Week, at my university, was actually more like Freshers’ Fortnight. Freshers’ Fayre lasted three days: one for sports, one for societies and one for something else (local businesses, maybe. I know I have a t-shirt advertising one bar I particularly liked that I picked up during Freshers’ Week). The societies day was my favourite – RocSoc and PunkSock vied for attention among those of us loving alternative music (IndieSoc never quite caught me the same way); the circus skills group stood out quite literally on their stilts, dressed in bright colours and throwing poi around with dexterity. In short, many people trying visually and aurally to gain and retain your attention.

My eyes were drawn to the people dressed up like pirates and medieval wenches and rogues, with elven ears and strange make-up… I knew I’d found my tribe. The members of WARPSoc (the Wargames And RolePlaying Society) quickly took me under their wing and helped me through the homesickness that plagued me, the stresses of exams and coursework and days when you feel like a failure – helped me come to terms with my depression and celebrated my geekhood. I’ve made some amazing friends for whom I’m very grateful.

Freshers’ Week is a great place to meet new people and I’d imagine Conventions are too. I’d love to go to one one day – it’s just a question of time and money!

With thanks again to AutocratikHis Day 14 is here and 15 here.  

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